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Alcoholism Drugged High on Alcohol Documentary

Alcoholism is a health affliction of your brain, body and heart and soul. Virtually anyone may become an alcoholic if they’re across the conditions that breed addictive habit such as alcoholism – that might be environmentally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Alcoholism can be an dependency that connects itself to your body, mind, and soul of… Continue Reading »

alcohol withdrawal symptoms insomnia

When people get into the habit of consuming alcohol, they at times become so much used to it that they cannot function without it. They end up consuming more alcohol to cater for their daily physical and mental functions. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms refer to the various outcomes of a person stopping consuming alcohol suddenly. see… Continue Reading »

Billy and Brittany Horschel Open Up About Her Alcoholism and Recovery

Golf great Billy Horschel and his wife, Brittany, recently opened up about her struggle with alcoholism.  It affected her life, their marriage and more.  She’s now sober and they have moved forward and are enjoying their lives and family without the weight of alcohol dependency on their shoulders.   The couple hopes that by going public… Continue Reading »

What’s ‘wet brain’?

A lot of people remain unclear regarding the challenges and the full affects that exorbitant consumption of alcohol might have on a person literally, psychologically, and emotionally. Needless to say, people understand that getting drunk can lead to accidents and violence. It might even lead to death, and sickness. You will find very serious health… Continue Reading »

Meditation and Addiction recovery

When we enter into restoration, we enter into an occasion in our lives where we are healing from the consequences of an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Early recovery is where we learn to recover and learn to establish a new and healthier lifestyle that will support recovery through the rest of our lives. Recovery… Continue Reading »

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