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What’s ‘wet brain’?

A lot of people remain unclear regarding the challenges and the full affects that exorbitant consumption of alcohol might have on a person literally, psychologically, and emotionally. Needless to say, people understand that getting drunk can lead to accidents and violence. It might even lead to death, and sickness. You will find very serious health… Continue Reading »

Meditation and Addiction recovery

When we enter into restoration, we enter into an occasion in our lives where we are healing from the consequences of an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Early recovery is where we learn to recover and learn to establish a new and healthier lifestyle that will support recovery through the rest of our lives. Recovery… Continue Reading »

What’s the Primary Information of Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous, the original 12-step program, is made in 1935 by Bill Wilson and Physician Bob Smith. Because the first Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) group, this system has expanded and reached people all over the world. Many individuals have found success in beating alcoholism through working the steps of the program. Nevertheless, for as many people… Continue Reading »

You’re Not Alone

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